Friday, November 16, 2012

Pigeon Island National Park

8th November morning was not as bright as the day before. There were lot of clouds in the sky and my attempt to shoot sunrise from Nilaveli beach was a failure yet again. But luckily there were no signs of rain. So as we have discussed with hotel management on previous day, they have arranged a boat for us to visit Pigeon Island. So as soon as we had our delicious breakfast at Pigeon Island Beach Resort, it was time for an adventure.
Sun lit lantern

We left the beach around 9 am and got to Pigeon Island in 15-20 mins boat ride. Since it was a weekday in a none peak season, the island was calm and quiet. Apart from us there were only few foreigners.  It gave us more freedom to walk around the island and take few good snap shots.

On the way to Pigeon Island

Pigeon Island National Park from the sea


Pigeon Island on a quiet day


Water among rocks

Sand, Rocks, water and the sky

Isn't it magical?

From the top of view point, can you see shallow water and corrals?

Pigeons Rock
Pigeon Bay
After going through the marked nature trails, we return to Pigeons Bay for snorkeling. It was our first snorkel experience and it went quite well. Under water was extremely beautiful. I am very disappointed that I din't have an underwater camera with me to share that beautiful experience with you all. However, I was managed to capture one of the trouble makers when snorkeling.

Floating traps (jelly fish)
Hope you have enjoyed reading and photos and you would go there by yourselves to enjoy this natures beauty. I have seen lots of plastic and foreign things that should not be there in a National Park during the nature trial. If you ever go there, please do not pollute this wonderful island. Protect it for our future generations. Take only snaps, leave only footprints...


samith said...

Excellent post Danushka. TFS!

Danushka Senadheera said...

Thanks Samith, and thanks for visiting :)