Sunday, October 23, 2011

Rest in Watawala at Strathadon Estate

It was time for annual visit for our US team member to Sri Lanka and it was the time to give him little payback as he has done a lot when we were there last time. With the order of our CEO guys were checking on a nice place to visit in up country. Hatton was the chosen area, and when searching the web we came across this beautiful tea estate bungalow known as Strathadon which took us sometime to learn how to pronounce it :D Location was picture perfect for us and approved by CEO. Though images looks brilliant, we were not too sure about the current status of the bungalow till we get there.

It was early in a Friday morning we left Colombo to get to Watawala where Strathadon Tea Estate was located. It took us no more than two and half hours to get there from Kottawa. We were planning to get the breakfast from famous "Tea Cup" restoration in Ginigathhena. It was around 7.30 am when we get there and the breakfast was already finished. There was not even a roti. With disappointment there we head directly to the bungalow. It was not to far from the Tea Cup and not too far from the main road either. It was exactly the way there in the web site. Brilliant location !!

Strathadon Bungalow
Inside in the morning
Bed rooms

View from the Strathadon stage

Giant Bamboo

Some creativity :D
Many of you might know this, Watawala is know for the highest rainfall in the country. So we were in doubt with whether conditions. It was quite chill when we get there. Bit of a  drizzle time to time, but overall it was better then I expected. We even had a tea trial.

Tea Trial in Strathadon Estate

Service staff was friendly and caring and the food was amazing. It was best that we could do to our visitor. I even forgot to take pictures when we were eating :D

The welcome drink

Yammi deserts..
Been in such a good environment with such a good caring you don't really need to left the place. But we are born with the nerve for exploring looking to discover something. Even though there was nothing much to visit in the area, Hatton was just 10 min drive from the location. So we plan to visit a Hindu temple in Hatton.


Statues inside

It was a great time at the place, with the idea of returning there one day, we left there in heavy rain. It remind us that we were in Watawala :D but the rain continued till we came to Colombo.