Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Shaggy Bear Monkey / The Highland Purple-faced Leaf Langur

Shaggy Bear Monkey at Pattipola

The Shaggy Bear Monkey or the Highland Purple-faced Leaf Langur, (Semnopithecus vetulus monticola) is an endemic primate which is called "Walas Wadura" in Sinhalese language. It is very much similar to Western Purple-faced Leaf Monkey, another endemic species, Main difference is it has a heavy court comparing to it's low land relative. This is an adaption for the cold climate in the hills that they live.

On alert!

The Shaggy Bear Monkey (Trachypithecus vetulus monticola) is considered as a sub-species of Semnopithecus vetulus long with North Wetzone Purple-Faced Langur (Trachypithecus vetulus nestor), Dry Zone Purple-Faced Langur (Trachypithecus vetulus philbricki) and the Wetzone Purple-Faced Langur (Trachypithecus vetulus vetulus) sub-species. One of the best place to see them is Horton Plains and Haggala Park.

Next Generation
I might have seen them roaming around Horton Plans on many visits I had to the area. But I haven't ever notice them. Those days all those monkeys were just the same for me. But the recently developed interest on wildlife has gain me some knowledge about them as well. On my last trip to Nuwara Eliya and the Horton Plains I was lucky to see few of them close to the forest bungalow at Pattipola. They were feeding on vegetable cultivations in the area. I m quite sure that farmers in the area considered them as pest. 

Feeding on vegetation.

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Bambarakanda Falls, the highest waterfall in Sri Lanka.

Falling from  a clip high as 863 ft, Bambarakanda Falls is the highest waterfall in Sri Lanka. According to the wiki it is the 299th highest waterfall in the world. Situated in Kalupahana in Badulla District, easiest access route to the waterfall is through the A4 highway which connects Colombo and Batticaloa. One has to take the left turn from between 173th and 174th kilometer posts and go along the road about five kilometers to reach the waterfall. It is clearly visible to the road. Going along a small trial one can easily go to the bottom of the waterfall. If water level is not too high, one can enjoy an ice cool bath in the base pool. Keep in mind, if it rains in the upper hills, water level of the fall increase without warnings.

Bambarakanda Falls from the road on a rainy day.

At it's glory!

Kuda Oya which starts from somewhere in the forests of Horton Plains, is the stream which forms this wonderful waterfall and later join with river Walawe. Using another trail from bottom of the waterfall one can reach to the top of the waterfall. (There is another short trial from the Ohiya-Kalupahana road to climb down to the top of the waterfall). There is another small cascade on the top of the falls which is also about 3-4 meters in height.

Small cascade on top of Bambarakanda falls.
World from the top !

Bambarakanda Rest is the perfect place to stay and enjoy the beauty of Bambarakanda falls. Mrs. Sera, owner of the Bambarakanda Rest is always welcome nature lovers and she has two guides knows about the area very well. One can get their assistance to visit and explore some untouched beautiful natures creation hidden in forests of Kalupahana area.

Through windows of Bambarakanda Rest.
Contact of Bambarakanda Rest is Mrs. Sera Mayakaduwa (Tel: 0575670457)