Sunday, May 22, 2011

Common Kingfishers in action at Thalangama Lake

Ever since my friend Madhawa got interested in shooting Kingfishers, he had closely followed this small and colorful kingfisher known as Common Kingfisher. I was inspired by his amazing captures. Most of them were taken at the Thalangama lake. Though I have been there few times before, I haven't seen the chap.  On those visits we were on the foot most of the time. It was very difficult  to shoot them as they were flying away when they see any threatening movement in the environment. So lately I decided to drive on those by roads, which has given me a better chance to get closer unnoticed.

I have spotted a  dead tree branch in the middle of water. (It seems someone has placed it there intentionally, we all should thank that someone.) It seems like an ideal location for a hunter to wait for a fish. I decided to park close to it and wait. There were few other bird species coming to the dead branch including Little Cormorants, Indian Pond Herons, White-throated Kingfishers.

Waiting for a pray..

On pursuit

I was playing the waiting game and it has produce me very good results. Been inside the vehicle birds don't seems notice much of a movement. I had the luxury of using the base of the shouter as a support to hold my lens. This has reduce camera shakes and produced better quality images.(Now I use to shoot with a bean bag on it)

It was my lucky day, there were two Common Kingfishers coming to this particular tree branch and I got a chance of observing them and capture some beautiful shots.



If you are a wildlife photographer, you know that there is nothing call "enough" when taking photographs of a bird. We always want to shoot different poses specially some unique ones and action shots. It is not a photograph of a bird that we are looking for, it is a unique pose of a bird . In order to capture such, we might have to spent days and hours observing them. Ever since my first encounter with Common Kingfishers at Thalangama lake, I had been there several times to observe and photograph them and I will continue to do so.


Madhawa said...

Supper stuff mate. Specially the second shot is fantastic. Sad I couldn't follow these chaps any more.

Danushka Senadheera said...

Thanks Madhawa

Dr Newton Jayawardane said...