Saturday, April 30, 2011

Otters in Thalangama Lake

I use to pay a visit to the Thalangama Lake for birding when ever I m at Colombo on a weekend. It is a 20 minutes drive from home and a perfect location to observe Common Kingfisher, one of the popular birds among us to be photographed. Located in the middle of a crowded area,  the Thalangama lake contains an unbelievable richness of bio-diversity.

Saturday 29th January 2011 was another day I was in Colombo so I decided to visit Thalangama Lake.  When I go there I want to be the first and do not to let anyone else to steal my spotlight. So I left home earlier to be there by 6 in the morning. But when I got there, there were this Dr. and his friend. They seems have came there around 5.30 or so. He has missed the Cinnamon Bitten previous weekend and had returned to find it. They were shooting few Pin-tailed Snipes on the other side of the water. For me those birds were too far to be photographed. So I roamed around the place a bit.

Suddenly I heard a sound from the water beside the big "Kottan" tree. It looks like a large animal. I just checked because the place it full of Water Monitors, thinking this must be one of them (I never liked them so I wanted to keep in distance). Oh my god..! it is an Otter, one.. two.. and there were three of them. They were swimming and playing on the water close to the bank of the lake. This was the first time I saw them in the wild and I was so excited.

Otters are one of my favorite animals as I never fed up watching them. They are soo much full of life, I used to be at the cage of them for long time when ever I went to Dehiwala Zoo. I never knew they exist so closer in wild.

Otters , there were three of them.

Swimming away from us.

Playful lives...
 I followed them. They were moving closer to other two photographers, so I let them know there are Otters. But they didn't seems interested. May be they have seen them before. I watched them until they were disappeared in to the mangroves in the middle of the lake. Rest of day birding was not good for me but those otters had filled my day. Hope I could see them again.

See my best shot of them here.


MIli said...

WOW.... this is certainly surprising. I went there last week just to test the lens, but did not come across this guy. great shots and article mate.

BTW - like your website


Danushka Senadheera said...

Thanks Mili, Those words are really encouraging :)

Kasun said...

wow beautiful....