Monday, July 1, 2013

Budugala Ruins, Kalthota, Balangoda

Budugala Ruins of an ancient temple complex by the main Balangoda - Kalthota road. This archeaological site is date back to 1st century BC.

Budugala Ancient Buddhist Archaeological Site, Direction board

First ruins we come across at the staring of stone steps.

High angle shot of the building

Entrance from the middle of the building just like we see at Ritigala

Stone steps toward top of the mountain

Stone steps

Ancient Sri Lankans build their places in harmony with Nature. Can you notice these stone structures are build alongside natural stones.

Interesting notice

Stone steps toward other buildings.

Remains of an ancient drains carved in stones.

Huge stone foundation of the second building found on top of the stone staircase.

Huge stone foundation of the second building found on top of the stone staircase. Note the carvings on the base.

More stone carvings.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Pigeon Island National Park

8th November morning was not as bright as the day before. There were lot of clouds in the sky and my attempt to shoot sunrise from Nilaveli beach was a failure yet again. But luckily there were no signs of rain. So as we have discussed with hotel management on previous day, they have arranged a boat for us to visit Pigeon Island. So as soon as we had our delicious breakfast at Pigeon Island Beach Resort, it was time for an adventure.
Sun lit lantern

We left the beach around 9 am and got to Pigeon Island in 15-20 mins boat ride. Since it was a weekday in a none peak season, the island was calm and quiet. Apart from us there were only few foreigners.  It gave us more freedom to walk around the island and take few good snap shots.

On the way to Pigeon Island

Pigeon Island National Park from the sea

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Enjoy Nilaveli Beach with the hospitality of Pigeon Island Beach Resort

It was 7th November 2012, after enjoying a day at Tangerine Beach Resort, Kaluthara our next plan was to visit Trincomalee to experience it's beautiful long shallow beaches. My wife was always wanted to go there though this was a surprise trip for her. She didn't know where we are going until we pass Habarana on the Trincomalee road.

I was planing to visit famous Pigeon Island National Park and stay most of the time enjoying Nilaveli beach. By going through list of available hotels, my choice was Pigeon Island Beach Resort which had a direct view of Pigeon Island.

Though our first impression was not so good when we get there, welcome drink was really tasty and refreshing which fixed our mood. There were only few guests and the place was very much peaceful. We received a room with the sea view. It was one of the six rooms they had with the sea view and the look through the window was amazing.

Check out these images which I shoot on the first day at Pigeon Island Beach Resort.

Pool at Pigeon Island Beach Resort

View from the lawn

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